Dedicated Truck Load & Partial Truck Load :

Standard Express will guarantee your load is picked up THE SAME DAY you place an order.

Your freight is delivered on time, every time without damage and NO CROSS DOCKING!

Same Day Pickup and Deliveries starting at $60.00.

Up to 12 Skids or 10,000lbs with No additional Fuel S/C

Specialized Equipment

Flatbed, Step Deck, Conestoga and Double Drops available Nationwide or Same Day Local deliveries!

Service areas include Canada and Mexico with Team Drivers available for your Expedite needs.

LOGISTICS = We Move YOUR Freight !!

Can your 3PL Guarantee your freight is picked up the same day and delivered on time, Every Time?

Nationwide, Canada & Mexico. When your carrier can’t, We can. More resources available to work at making your delivery.

Air Cargo - Charter, Same Day & Next Day

  • 24/7 Operations & Live GPS

  • Door to Door Service & Ground Deliveries

  • Small Packages to Heavy Machinery

  • Global Coverage

Logistics Solutions

We Optimize your supply chain with 13,000 Trucks Available HOURLY!!!

A Solution to deliver supply chain optimization!

Our Transportation planning starts with MORE equipment for execution, inventory planning & management. We are the Logistic Provider Service. One Call, That's ALL !


Running out of Dock Space? Use Ours!!

Finish your manufacturing, Let us Pick Up your finished goods, Store it if necessary, Then Deliver it from our Large Truck Terminal Warehouse. Pay ONLY for the Freight Charge when using Standard as Your Logistics Service !

An Asset Based Trucking service with its greatest Strength in Logistics, our research and planning brings  trucking operations that deliver your freight faster, for less and always direct. We plan the most efficient route for your freight, where the truck drivers deliver that shipment both the fastest and the most efficiently.  Using all available types of trucks for choosing the best kind of truck for the particular task you have at hand, that’s Standard Express Logistics.

Your advantages in using Standard Express as your source for logistics STARTS with your Company gaining access to OVER 1100 ready and available trucks to service your freight/shipment at any time of the day or night, and any where in the Country!  25 years in the service of Logistics delivers best results in a prospective campaign to move your freight.  YES, we have more experience, equipment, and availability to consider all possible factors involved in the delivery-operation of your freight.

Standards Logistics was developed as a concept to replace the old traffic styles, we access & utilize more available trucks/equipment to satisfy the analysis of any aspect in business—delivering more freight faster and for less.

Trucking is the primary means for your goods to be commercially transported, which means the circulation of those goods can be very expensive if not done correctly.  Excellent trucking logistics starts First by having access to more equipment to reduce cost, which not only helps individual companies achieve success, but also contributes by reducing day to day office stress and drama.

Standard Express Logistics, will dramatically decrease your economic expenses, it’s what we do.  Its all about really good planning that can eliminate unnecessary expenditures that could limit the success of your business.

Our Trucking logistics service is constantly analyzing Direct Trucking Routes in real time, so your freight is transported in the most efficient manner possible. Our system is always looking for ways to improve YOUR efficiency as well as the reduction of delivery times. The precise types of loads being carried are considered in order to determine the best means of transport. Road safety is always emphasized to ensure the secure transportation of goods.

Use Standard Express Logistics Locally, Short hauling, LTL, Partials, Heavy Hauling and Full Truck long hauling.

Want to begin YOUR logistics Service ?   One Call, That’s All…414-389-0000.     In Seconds your Freight Shipments are Set up and in Service!!!  You are no more demanded in the process of setting up trucking, its All we do ! Now that’s good trucking logistics!!!

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